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Legal Economics LLC is looking to hire economists at both the senior and junior levels. Exceptional academic achievement in a PhD economics program or JD program with a strong economics focus is required for senior level economists. Prior exceptional professional experience is a plus. Exceptional academic achievement and an bachelor's degree in economics is required for junior level economists. For either position, a high degree of independence, ability to take the initiative, and ingenuity to solve complex problems is required. The firm has no set hiring quotas, but instead makes hiring decisions based on applicant quality.

Legal Economics LLC strives to offer its employees total compensation that exceeds that of other economic expert firms. It provides its employees a full benefits package, with vacation, health and dental coverage, and 401(k). It also provides both its senior and junior employees with a degree of substantive responsibility that exceeds that of other economic expert firms.

Please e-mail rajat@legal-economics.com for more information.